KEN-595-0055K ชุดเครื่องมือช่าง Cantilever 62 Piece Toolbox Tool Set


SKU : KENNEDY : ชุดเครื่องมือช่าง KEN-595-0055K

ชุดเครื่องมือช่าง 62 ชิ้น พร้อมกล่องเครื่องมือเหล็ก



Five compartment cantilever tool box with specially moulded trays to facilitate enhanced tool control. Padlock hole for additional security.
Toolbox dimensions: 470x220x245mm.

ORDER CODE : KEN-595-0055K

  • Sockets: 8-32mm, M10 and M14 spark plug
  • 250mm sliding 'T'-handle
  • 125mm & 250mm extensions, 75mm wobble extension
  • Quick release 72T rubber hatchet handle
  • 375mm/15" jointed knurl gripped swivel handle
  • Universal joint
  • Combination spanners: 6-24mm
  • Pro-Torq screwdrivers: 5.5x100mm, 6.5x150mm and 8x200mm flat, No.0, No.2 and No.3 cross point
  • Pro-Torq pliers: 180mm/7" combination, 150mm/6" snipe nose and 165mm/6½" diagonal
  • Metric L-wrench ball driver set - 1.5-10mm
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