SEN-594-1570K ตู้เครื่องมือช่างมีลิ้นชักพร้อมล้อ ROLLER CABINETS


SKU : SENATOR : ตู้เครื่องมือมีลิ้นชัก พร้อมล้อ SEN-594-1570K

ตู้เครื่องมือ ชนิดมีล้อเลื่อน ขนาด 680 x 460 x 725 มม.


• Workshop range of roller cabinets and top chests is an ideal entry level choice for small manufacturers, garages and one man businesses
• Anti-rust and solvent resistant powder coat finish protects paintwork
• Pressed steel back strengthener and inner walls give added strength and longevity
• Non-slip EVA 5mm top mat and 2.5mm liners prevent damage and protect tools
• Firm return secures drawer in place
• Ball bearing slides give good drawer stability and smooth action even under load
• Cabinets have strong ergonomic handles which can fit to either side of unit
• 100mm diameter castors with brakes absorb shock and can support heavy loads
• Locking system with cylinder locks for added security
• Drawer Load: 25kg
• Static Load: 300kg
• Combine a Roller Cabinet + Top Chest for the total storage solution.

ORDER CODE : SEN-594-1570K
  • Width : 680mm
  • Dept: 460mm
  • Height: 725mm

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