KEN-594-2140K ตู้เครื่องมือช่างมีลิ้นชักพร้อมล้อ ROLLER CABINETS


SKU : KENNEDY : ตู้เครื่องมือมีลิ้นชัก พร้อมล้อ KEN-594-2140K

ตู้เครื่องมือลิ้นชักมีล้อเลื่อน ขนาด 710 x 465 x 845 มม.


The Ultimate range of roller cabinets and top chests is the perfect choice for professionals who demand the best
Anti-rust and solvent resistant powder coat finish protects against incidental damage
Perforated sides optimise space with easy to install accessories and tool holders
45° angled corners protect against mobility strains and preserve unit shape
Plastic bumpers on each corner protect against impact
Non-slip EVA 10mm top mat and 3mm drawer liners prevent damage and protect tools
Fully opening drawers for greater access
45mm Ball bearing slides give good drawer stability and smooth action even under load
Strong ergonomic side handle, which can fit to either side of the unit, facilitates easy repositioning
125mm diameter castors with 2x quick lock brakes absorb shock and can support heavy loads
Locking mechanism with cylinder locks for greater security
'KISS' (Kennedy Integrated Safety System) allows only one wide drawer to open at a time, preventing tipping
Combine a Roller Cabinet + Top Chest for the ultimate storage solution
 Drawer Load: 45kg
Static Load: 550kg

ORDER CODE : KEN-594-2140K
  • Roller Cabinets
  • Drawers : 5
  • Width : 710mm
  • Dept: 465mm
  • Height: 845mm

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